A MUI custom class especially designed for displaying electronic messages.


The screenshots have been taken from Mailtext's MUI-Prefs plugin. They show the beta-release from Jan. 14, 1997, meanwhile the layout has slightly changed.

Thumbnail, 4 KB Distance configuration.

Thumbnail, 4 KB Enable and disable patterns. A line matching the disable pattern will switch off the attributes engine until a line matches the enable pattern again.

Thumbnail, 4 KB Special characters.

Thumbnail, 4 KB Color configuration. Colors for five different quote levels can be configured, as well as the color for the '#' attribute and the URL highlighting.

Thumbnail, 4 KB URL action configuration.

Thumbnail, 4 KB Miscellaneous settings.

Thumbnail, 4 KB URL action example: An action has been configured to display the name of the clicked link along with the current stacksize in a requester. The requester pops up, after the link in the example text has been doubleclicked.

The Mailtext package is written and © 1996-1998 by Olaf Peters.
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