A MUI custom class especially designed for displaying electronic messages.


Question: In MUI-Prefs/Mailtext I have selected "Separate Signatures" on the Misc. page but it doesn't seem to work. Why?
Answer: Most likely the signature separators '-- ', '--' or '---' are part of your disable pattern (see Patterns page). Remove them from the pattern and everything will work fine. In pre 3.0 versions of Mailtext the signature separators '-- ' and '---' were part of the disable pattern by default.

Question: Multiple attributes, i.e. _*/This/*_, don't seem to work. Why?
Answer: I guess you have (again) been using a pre 3.0 Mailtext version? You should add the characters *_#/ to the whitespace- and terminating-chars and remove them from the nonintroducing-chars (see Chars page in MUI-Prefs/Mailtext).

Question: When the mousepointer is above the Mailtext, I cannot access the application's menus via keyboard shortcuts. I have to move the mouse outside the Mailtext's area. What's that?
Answer: This is a MUI problem/feature of MUI versions up to v3.8: If an object has a context menu and the mousepointer is above that object, the application's menus cannot be accessed via shortcuts. That's the reason, why Mailtext's contextmenu can be switched off in MUI-Prefs/Mailtext on the Misc. page.
The next MUI release will fix this behaviour.

The Mailtext package is written and © 1996-1998 by Olaf Peters.
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