A MUI custom class especially designed for displaying electronic messages.


The Mailtext MUI custom class package is especially designed to display electronic messages. Its main features cover:

  • Handling of font attributes: *bold*, /italics/, _underline_ and #coloured#. The text between the attribute characters '*', '/', '_' and '#' will be printed with the repective style. To accomplish this, Mailtext has a powerful analysis engine which is aware of many special cases so best results can be obtained. Also, processing can be switched off for certain textpassages, i.e. uuencoded binaries, signatures, PGP messages.
  • Highlighting of quoted textpasses: Mailtext is able to display up to five levels of quoted text in different colours. Quotes are recognized by specifying the quote characters that may be used to introduce a quoted textpassage. The most common quote character is '>'.
  • Highlighting and handling of URLs: Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) may be highlighted. Also, an AmigaDOS command can be triggered whenever an URL is double clicked with the clicked URL as an argument. By using an ARexx script you could forward http:// URLs to your webbrowser, mailto: URLs back to your Mailer and ftp:// URLs to your FTP client. Mailtext supports all URL types specified in RFC 1738 "Uniform Resource Locators", Section 3.

As of NList, Mailtext also supports

  • mark & copy to clipboard: use the mouse to mark text and have it copied to the clipboard.

Mailtext v3.1 needs MUI v3.6 (muimaster.library v17) and the NList package to work.

NList.mcc, NListview.mcc, NListviews.mcp are © 1996-1998 by Gilles Masson.

The Mailtext package is written and © 1996-1998 by Olaf Peters.
Last change of this page on 3.5.1999.