A MUI custom class especially designed for displaying electronic messages.


23.7.01 MCC Mailtext and the sourcecode have been released as OpenSource. Check out SourceForge if you like to get involved!
3.5.99 Mailtext Webpages have been redesigned a bit.
26.07.98 Mailtext v3.1 has been released.
30.10.97 Mailtext v3.1 beta 6 is available.
30.7.97 A russian catalog translation is available. Thanks to Oleg Sergeev.
21.7.97 Mailtext v3.1 beta 5 is available. Just one little change concerning the <tsb> tag.
10.7.97 Redesigned the webpages a bit.
23.6.97 GoodNews v2.0 has been released, see Applications.
20.6.97 Mailtext v3.1 beta 4 is available.
27.5.97 PINT v2.1 has been released, see Applications.
27.5.97 A new NList release should be available on Aminet rsn. It fixes the broken MUI-Listview emulation introduced in one of the last versions. This had affected all old applications which use a Listview.mui as the container object for the Mailtext (i.e. IntuiNews).
21.5.97 A spanish catalog translation is available. Thanks to Samuel Aguilera.
8.4.97 Updated the FAQ about the contextmenu misbehaviour: the next MUI release will fix that.
27.3.97 FFNews, a combined NNTP/SMTP/POP3 client, has been released. See Applications page.
18.3.97 PINT, an UMS newsreader using Mailtext, has been released. See Applications page.
12.3.97 The Mailtext developer stuff is now also available for Amiga-E (thanks to William Newton). Feel free to request the latest developer package for Mailtext.
7.3.97 Please only refer to the mailtext pages as http://home.pages.de/~Mailtext/, as it's likely that the real location changes in the near future.
4.3.97 Mailtext v3.0 has been released to Aminet. It can be found in dev/mui.
14.2.97 Mailtext v3.0 public release is scheduled for early March (as soon as the ATO translation is finished).
4.2.97 Mailtext v3.0 Beta 4 is available.

The Mailtext package is written and © 1996-1998 by Olaf Peters.
Last change of this page on 23.7.2001.