A MUI custom class especially designed for displaying electronic messages.

Release Notes

v3.1 (26.7.98, Mailtext.mcc v19.8, Mailtext.mcp v19.8)

NOTE: most catalogs have not been updated. However there are only a few strings affected. The .ct files are included, feel free to make any necessary changes yourself and please e-Mail me the results.

  • lines starting with "actions" -- i.e. <grin> -- should no longer be considered as quote-lines.
  • it is now possible to set the Font for the Mailtext object (see Misc page in prefs). This only works with NList 0.76+.
  • API: implemented MUIA_Mailtext_ActionEMail. This notification will be triggered whenever the user doubleclicks an email address. You can use this to automatically open a "send mail to" dialog. See also show_mailtext.c in the developer archive.
  • lines considered as signature separators (i.e. '-- ') can now be configured via an AmigaDOS-pattern on the Patterns page of the .mcp.
  • added support for THOR tags <sb> and <tsb> (horizontal line with optionally centered text). They will only be recognized at the beginning of a line.
  • removed a workaround for an old (fixed) NList bug. The workaround caused a little incompatibility with recent NList versions and also with Mailtext usage in virtual groups.
  • if MUI v20 (or higher) is detected, each configuration item in the .mcp now has an own contextmenu (like all the MUI items do have).
  • the context menu's wordwrap checkmark could sometimes have a wrong state.
  • mailto:-URLs are no longer triggered as URLs but as email-addresses (without the mailto: part of course).
  • added a "Programming Guidelines" section to the autodocs.
  • added the developer stuff to the release archive.
  • minor changes to show_mailtext
  • now using MCCLib 12.4 by Kai Hofmann.
  • recompiled with SAS/C 6.58.

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v3.0 (4.3.97, Mailtext.mcc v18.12, Mailtext.mcp v18.4)

  • Mailtext is now derived from NList.mcc, so it takes advantage of some neat features of NList, making the new features below possible. Thanks to Gilles Masson for the NList package!
  • It is now possible to mark text with the mouse and copy it to the clipboard (NList feature).
  • Each mailtext object can now have a contextmenu with the following entries:
    • copy selected text to clipboard.
    • display the raw text instead of the processed.
    • switch wordwrapping
  • Colors can now be configured for up to 5 different levels of quoted text and also for the '#' attribute.
  • Multiple attributes (like i.e. _*/Text/*_) are supported correctly now. Therefore, you have to add the characters *_#/ to the whitespace- and terminating-chars and remove them from the nonintroducing-chars.
  • URLs may be highlighted. It is also possible to configure an action -- i.e. start a webbrowser -- that will be triggered when an URL in the text is doubleclicked. Mailtext recognizes all URL types specified in RFC 1738 "Uniform Resource Locators", Section 3.
  • signature marks ('--', '-- ' and '---') will now optionally be replaced by a horizontal line.
  • Wordwrapping for long lines can optionally be switched off: if the Mailtext object is contained in an NListview, a horizontal scrollbar will be displayed instead. With MUI's Listview this is of course not possible.
  • Removed '-- ' and '--- ' from the default disable pattern, so you will see i.e. URLs in signatures and enable the signature separation feature.
  • The state of the checkmarks in the .mcp was not saved correctly. Fixed.
  • some bugfixes.
  • API changes (refer to Autodoc):
    • the behaviour of MUIA_Mailtext_IncPercent changed slightly.
    • new: MUIA_Mailtext_ActionURL [..G]
    • new: MUIA_Mailtext_DisplayRaw [.SG]
    • new: MUIA_Mailtext_ForbidContextMenu [I..]
    • new: MUIA_Mailtext_Wordwrap [.SG]

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v2.2 (19.11.96, Mailtext.mcc v17.70, Mailtext.mcp v17.54)

  • should handle i.e. Unix paths (i.e. /home/users/olf/) in messages a little smarter now. With previous versions, that example would have been printed in italics, now no attribute will be set.
  • switched from mccheader.c to MCCLib.c (thanks to Kai Hofmann, great work!)
  • version for MC68020 (and above) included.
  • fixed some bugs in Mailtext.mcp that could occur in low-memory situations.

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v2.1 (10.11.96, Mailtext.mcc v17.58, Mailtext.mcp v17.40)

  • when attribute parsing has been disabled (by matching the disable pattern), no text was copied at all, resulting in i.e. lost signatures.
  • now using MCC-Install 43.4
  • compiled with SAS/C 6.57
  • polish catalog, thanks to Marcin Orlowski.

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v2.0 (2.11.96, Mailtext.mcc v17.41, Mailtext.mcp v17.28)

  • ported Mailtext from Modula-2 to C:
    • Mailtext now completely complies with the guidelines for MUI Custom Classes
    • now needs MUI 3.6, support for older MUI versions has been removed.
    • the classes are app. 50% smaller.
    • compiled with SAS/C 6.56.
  • API did not change. No need to request a new developer package.

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v1.0 (5.6.96, Mailtext.mcc v10.196, Mailtext.mcp v14.2)

  • initial

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The Mailtext package is written and © 1996-1998 by Olaf Peters.
Last change of this page on 3.5.1999.